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I’m a great cheerleader. I don’t mean the pom-pom waving sort, but I do well in encouraging others. A News-Journal colleague of mine wrote a 75-inch article on Charlottesville, Va., for the travel section. Then, a week before it was supposed to run, the powers-that-be morphed the travel section into a tabloid-sized entertainment guide, where […]

He needed killin’

We copy editors have a weird sense of humor. Cyanide & Happiness @ (h/t cranky_editors.)

Sidebar on CouchSurfing

For the Daytona Beach News-Journal, where I work, I’ve been writing a series of articles about my month-long adventures in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales with my best friend. I mention CouchSurfing quite often. (I would love to provide links to said articles, but they disappear from the Web site after a week.) […]

Kutcher wins Twitter war with CNN

When I first heard about Ashton Kutcher’s and CNN’s race to get a million followers on Twitter, I was amused. I was amused until I read what Ashton Kutcher said: “I found it astonishing that one person can actually have as big of a voice online as what an entire media company can on Twitter,” […]

Amazon pulls sales rankings of “adult” books

Last night, I came across this post in saying that Amazon pulled the sales rankings on books with GLBT characters or themes. (Other blogs since then have said surviving rape books and books with feminist themes had also been affected.) I was skeptical. I mean, really? A company that, as points out, named a […]