April 27, 2009

I’m a great cheerleader.

I don’t mean the pom-pom waving sort, but I do well in encouraging others. A News-Journal colleague of mine wrote a 75-inch article on Charlottesville, Va., for the travel section. Then, a week before it was supposed to run, the powers-that-be morphed the travel section into a tabloid-sized entertainment guide, where writing more than 25-inches is a luxury.

I encouraged him to send it elsewhere since our newspaper was not using it. I brought my Writer’s Market 2009 (a must-have for writers), and we looked up markets for him to send it off. We talked about what he was going to say in his query letter. So far, he’s only gotten one response–a personal response from an editor at Southern Living, who says they mostly assign stories. However, they do accept essays for their back page, and she encouraged him to send one in. Needless to say, he’s over the moon and has an idea for an essay already.

Now, I just need to motivate MYSELF to send out more queries. Rejections don’t bother me so much as the process of actually crafting a letter and sending it out. Why is that?


  1. Jess Davin

    I think maybe the anxiety of someone you respect reading a badly written query letter is worse than the actual anxiety of getting rejected. I know that one of my problems in college was that if I didn’t like the way a paper was turning out, I actually preferred not to hand it in and get a an F rather than hand in shabby work, get a C, but have the professor think I can’t write well.

    It’s a self-destructive pride.

  2. I think that has a lot to do with it. I’m always afraid that they might remember me (in a bad way) and any later attempts to send something in, they’ll be like, “Oh, her again!” LOL

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