Yes, why NOT join the Grammar Police?

May 19, 2009

Who says all ads are bad? I perused my boyfriend Amir’s aviation-related Web site (Pilot’s Cafe) and spotted this gem:

It reminds me of my last night in London, where to my horror and my best friend Jessica’s, we spotted BAD ENGLISH.


Staff Are Not ALOUD (sic) In The Kitchen becomes Staff Are Not Allowed In The Kitchen.

It was in a restricted area, but I braved it. I wouldn’t be a copy editor otherwise.

This wasn’t my last foray into Grammar Police territory. Oh no! Earlier this week, I had lunch with fellow copy editor Rich at a delicious but spelling-challenged restaurant. I had to fix “lucious” into “luscious.” Naturally. However, I didn’t take a picture of it. I do want to eat there again :-)

What spelling/grammar errors drive YOU nuts? Have you ever changed a sign? If so, you might just be a candidate for Grammar Police!


  1. I hate when people misuse your and you’re. It drives me crazy! I have never written on a sign, but I did correct the owner of a bar WHILE she was writing her sign in dry erase marker!

  2. I hate when people write “could of” or “would of” instead of “could have” or “would have.” I don’t usually change signs…unless it’s just paper, and it’s not that big of deal.

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