Monthly Archives: June 2009

‘Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven’

That’s really the title of the book I reviewed in today’s paper. I highly, highly recommend this book by Susan Jane Gilman for you travelers out there. (What did you think of it, Jessica?) For why I feel that way, check out my review ‘Heaven’ chronicles 2 women’s gripping trip from hell. (Review should be […]


For my friends with blogs, I’m willing to put you on my blogroll if you put me on yours. Deal? Just give me the address below. (This is also the place for the people currently on my blogroll to promote your own blog and tell what it’s about. What can I say? I like introducing […]

Cà d’zan

Writing a journalism blog is difficult when you’re not exactly writing anything. Well, that isn’t quite accurate; I am working on that travel essay. And, sure, I copy edit and design for a newspaper, but it’s not as compelling as, say, escaping the Taliban. (Er…not that I would want to be captured by the Taliban. […]

Beware the Internets

Not much going on. I’m writing a travel essay I’m going to submit somewhere once I get the fact-checking done. However, I wanted to share this article. Apparently, a family’s Christmas card picture ended up as an advertisement in Prague. Even more interesting to me–because I love these small-world type stories–is the fact that she […]

I’m a photographer!

OK, so I’ve been taking pictures for my articles for a while now, but it’s the first time one of my photographs has been used for another journalist. Imagine my surprise yesterday when my Dublin, Ireland, photo, below, was used Monday on the business page to promo Tuesday’s story about…local attorneys. I was a little […]