Cà d’zan

November 12, 2010

Writing a journalism blog is difficult when you’re not exactly writing anything. Well, that isn’t quite accurate; I am working on that travel essay. And, sure, I copy edit and design for a newspaper, but it’s not as compelling as, say, escaping the Taliban. (Er…not that I would want to be captured by the Taliban. I prefer my nice travel pieces, thanks.) However, it is enough to give one a complex, and you know we writers are _______. I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

With that said, I’d like to introduce my new blog feature, Off the Wall, where I will show some of my travel photos, whenever/wherever I might have taken them. Guessing is part of the fun–plus, a shameless ploy to get non-spam comments in my blog!

First up, Cà d’Zan Mansion in …

Cà d'Zan Mansion, as seen in the 1990s film version of "Great Expectations," was the home of John and Mable Ringling. Cà d'Zan translates to "House of John" in Italian.

Cà d’Zan Mansion, as seen in the 1990s film version of “Great Expectations” was the home of John and Mable Ringling. “Cà d’zan” translates to “House of John” in Italian.” The house is beautifully ornate and overlooks the bay. I sit there all day with such a view.

For more information, visit Ringling.org.


  1. I love the Ca D’Zan. Went there for a humanities class in college. Beautiful location on the water, and the art work was breath taking. Also helps that FSU owns and helps keep the property restored.

  2. Nancy

    This photo brings back a flood of memories! Monica was born in Sarasota, and we rented a little house a block from Sarasota Bay. Every week day, I would take Monica in her stroller up through this area. I’m glad the mansion has been restored.

  3. -It is definitely one of my favorite Florida spots. Just to look across the bay…wow. (Maybe I’ll post one of those later.) FSU does do a great job. Also, New College restored John Ringling’s brother’s house next door. It looks nice, too, although it’s used as classrooms, not a museum.

    -I think Monica may have told me that. How long did you live there? Have you seen it restored yet? I love Sarasota.

  4. What a great idea!

  5. Are we really interested in mutants and giant green men more than we are real people?;