August 10, 2009

I’ve been so busy wedding planning –yes, I’m getting married Sept. 12 to Amir — that I’ve put writing on hold. Or so I thought.

Last night at work, an opportunity arose from a space issue we were having at the paper. And I ran with it! Like most papers nowadays, space for editorial (also known as articles) is limited because of decreasing add review. (Though it seems, community newspapers are doing fine. My boss says that’s a silver lining, but as I pointed out, if we became solely a community newspaper, a lot of jobs would be lost, including ours, because there wouldn’t be as many newspaper pages to design.)

We had to hold a 40-inch (1,040-word) At Your Service column for the print version and put it online because a 3-by-10 advertisement needed to move from A section to the Local section, which happened to be in C, so that there could be more nation/world content. The Local section, containing content from Volusia and Flagler counties as well as from around Florida, only had six pages, including the weather page, so something had to hold. At Your Service was it.

Since we were running a News Watch, a package of briefs (short articles), I included the following to alert our readers to the change:

This week’s At Your Service listing, featuring descriptions and contact information for support groups in Volusia and Flagler counties, is available online.

In order to read the weekly column in its entirety, visit news-journalonline.com.

The At Your Service column usually runs Mondays in The News-Journal.

The thing about News Watch briefs is that–unlike plain unattributed briefs under an “In Brief” label, you credit the reporters who contributed. (Whether we have one or the other depends on both the importance of the information in the briefs and the acting metro editor on the desk.) Thus, in the tag at the bottom of the three briefs under “News Watch,” I wrote, “Staff Writers Patricio G. Balona, Linda Trimble and Sherry Mims contributed to today’s News Watch.”

SCORE! My first Local-section credit. A-section here I come…


  1. Holy smokes, Blackshear? Wow, what a place to dateline a national trend story.

  2. Hey! When one is not writing as much, one highlights what is done, and by “one,” I mean, “me.”

  3. I was just making fun of Blackshear, not you, my dear. :)

    I also just noticed your new ‘captcha’ down the bottom. Math problems on a journo blog? I dunno about that …

  4. Er…right 😛

    I wasn’t too sure of the captcha. (Math on my blog, it’s the Apocalypse!) However, I was getting spammed left and right, so I had to try something. At least it’s easy-to-decipher numbers. On other blogs, I’ve found it hard to read the captchas.

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