August 21, 2009

I think we may have a newsroom mole because I could almost swear some of these have been said in our newsroom:

From Overheard in the Newsroom:

Editor: “Where is everybody today?”
Graphics artist: “This is everybody, remember?”


Fashion reporter about her loud computer:
“If it’s gonna make this much noise, it oughta come out with a latte.”

And here’s some that I could see coming from our newsroom:

Reporter early in the day on a Monday: “I could use a beer about right now.” (We frequently say “margarita” instead, but the sentiment is the same.)


Reporter filing out timesheet: “What are you supposed to mark for furlough?”
Editor: “F”
Reporter: “Not FU?”
Editor: “… If it makes you feel better.”

Editor to reporter: “This story is too dry. Just write it like you told it to me.”
Reporter turns back to his computer and types: “So listen to this shit.”

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