December 29, 2010

I guess the obvious reason to still be included as part of the night desk is that I still work night hours. I do not go home at 4 or 5 p.m. A significant part of my work–obituaries and records, Volusia Review stocks pages and Ideas pagination–occurs during the evening hours.

Here is a breakdown of my duties:

Volusia Review
I am responsible for editing, designing and sending to plate pages for Volusia Review, our business publication. If the stocks come in early enough on Friday, I also download them from, drop them in the toning folder and place them on the six Harris pages I create beforehand.


* I work with Audrey Parente, who writes the main story and provides photographs for VR, and editor Cecil Brumley, who selects stories for VR.
* I make sure both the date and edition number are correct.
* After I create all pages and save in a basket where items will not be purged, I allow Audrey and Cecil to take another look at my pages in case changes need to be made. I then collect the pages and make last-minute corrections.
* I receive a compilation of that week’s News of Record, which I have to trim (marriages/divorces/births) to fit in the allotted space.
* I send all pages and then approve them (to plate), using E-Proof system. The tab pages require page pairing first.

Focus is a publication mailed out to encourage people to subscribe. My job is to create the six broadsheet pages, and in the available space, place timeless stories (that are, more often than not, uplifting). I select stories, edit, write headlines and cutlines, and design all pages. I also retrieve art and place in basket FOCART in order for art not to be purged.


* I keep track of stories I might want to use and place in Focus basket. That’s when I check for art that might accompany it. I also encourage Metro editors to drop off stories they like in this basket.
* I copy and select current items for the calendar from Accent Friday basket. I delete items (in my copy) that might be outdated by the time Focus goes out. I place appropriate events on the page.
* I keep track of late ads since I usually have to redesign at least part of a page if we receive notice of a late ad.
* I place all classified pages in Focus.
* I place News-Journal focus label and make sure the edition name (N) does not appear on the pages.
* I place all ads so that they fit on page. If there is not an ad on page 6, I pull GAME ON from News-Tribune.
* I rename all pages before sending to plate and approving them on E-Proof.

Ideas pages–either one or two pages–are done on a daily basis, though I try to do Saturday/Sunday/Monday pages in advance on Friday. I usually do extensive editing on the letters.


* I collect dummy (or dummies) from night desk board.
* Before creating and designing pages on Harris, I proofread letters and editorials (also cutlines if applicable).
* I create and then design the pages according to specifications sketched out on the dummy. I send all photographs.
* If cartoons are not in the system, I call graphics. I also can call Krys Fluker if I need information or additional letters to fill space.

Obituaries/News of Record
Obituaries and News of Record are done on a daily basis. I make copies for Legacy (so that they show up online) as well as place them on the page. Obituaries (free and paid) and News of Record may take up anywhere from one page on up. The highest amount of paid obituaries stands at 233 inches, and they started on page 2 of Local. Since these bring income to the paper, I follow precise rules, and insert graphics or larger-than-usual pictures if so instructed.


* First, I check names and count how many obituaries there are on the list I get compared to the online Notice folder. (Sometimes, they add people or include wrong coding so that there seems to be a picture when really there is not. I call to check and make appropriate fixes.) I also count pictures. If there is a memorial, I add coding for it.
* I chain together all paid obituaries and quickfit them. I then make a copy to Legacy. I also make two copies for myself to use for the Local section–one for West Volusia and the other for Southeast/East.
* I quickfit free obits and records. The free obits I also copy to Legacy. Then I rename the free obits and records.
* After designing everything to fit (no breaks on pictures, more than one line if paid obit goes into the next column and correct jumps), I print out finished copies for Metro to proof.
* I print out copies of pages that have editorial space for the Local section to fill up.
* When I get the pages back from Metro, I send them for the respective editions.

Advance Business
I do Sunday business pages on Thursday. This entails editing, writing headlines and cutlines, and designing the inside pages–and sometimes the front. (I taught myself to do a front for the first time.) This week I did all pages.


* I collect the folder from Cecil, informing me of story names, lengths and possible art.
* I send all art.
* I edit and design pages. Then I post them on the night desk board for others to proof.
* On Friday, before I get to work, Cecil usually has looked at my pages and provided feedback.
* I make all corrections and then I send pages 2,3 and 4 (and pages 5 and 6 if section has that many pages). Page 1 is sent later in the evening.
* I approve all pages on E-Proof.

On early Tuesday, I help Regional with whatever they need. That usually entails editing and correcting proofs as well as approving pages on E-Proof.

Specifics change depending on the week.


* I help the night desk when pages need proofing.
* This week I helped to proof GO386 pages for Accent.
* I write for Accent when I am able (travel, human interest and book reviews are my usual).
* I train others. When Laura Williams was learning how to do 2A recently, I taught her how to do Names in the News, Eye Openers and Lottery.

Specifics change depending on the week.

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