Monthly Archives: November 2009

My favorite wilderness

From infancy to the time I worked (and thus had few vacation days), I have visited West Virginia. I still try to visit at Christmas. My mom’s from there, and my grandmother still lives there “in the house by the road,” not to be confused with our pre-Civil War “house on the mountain,” which is–as […]

“Get Fuzzy” and travel writing

I love “Get Fuzzy.” I’m sure we all know a bratty cat or two 😛

Fake AP Stylebook says

“The correct spelling of “vampire” is “Robert Pattinson” because he’s soooo dreamy.” Gotta love these spoofs. Check more out at Fake AP Stylebook.

How did I know?

I opened one of Yahoo’s featured articles titled “Stressful jobs that pay badly” expecting not to see “journalist” on the list. (Everyone seems to think we get many more perks than we actually do.) Granted, it doesn’t say “journalist”–or “copy editor” for that matter–just “news reporter,” but I can tell you that we don’t get […]


I’ve been insanely busy now, but I wanted to mention I have a book review published in the News-Journal. Strangely, though, I cannot find it online. I will have to remedy that. The Florida Press Club conference was fabulous. Thank you to Sara Quinn for stepping in to be our speaker, since Lucy Morgan had […]