How did I know?

March 11, 2011

I opened one of Yahoo’s featured articles titled “Stressful jobs that pay badly” expecting not to see “journalist” on the list. (Everyone seems to think we get many more perks than we actually do.)

Granted, it doesn’t say “journalist”–or “copy editor” for that matter–just “news reporter,” but I can tell you that we don’t get paid that much more. (The night differential is just $1.50 a day for copy editors at our paper.)

Here’s what the article by Jessica Dickler said:

Median pay: $32,900 (SM-I wish I made that)
% who say their job is stressful: 62%
Every minute is another deadline for those who report and write the news. While racing against the clock, reporters gather data, conduct interviews and analyze their findings all before writing about major events for a newspaper, magazine, radio show or television program.

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