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‘Under the Dome’ review

I’m back, with a sometimes-sticky keyboard, but I’m back. Hooray! Since I no longer see book reviews listed on the News-Journal Web site, I’ll start posting my reviews here. For instance, while traveling (more info to come), my book review of Stephen King’s enormous “Under the Dome” ran. “The King is back” The sheer size […]


I apologize for the lack of posting. I had a soda-meets-computer accident, so I’ll be back online as soon as I figure everything out. So let this be a reminder to back up everything!

What Eastwick gets right and wrong about journalism

Joanna Frankel played the offbeat journalist character in ABC’s (now canceled) “Eastwick.” It’s good I watched purely for the entertainment value because its representation of newspaper journalism is way out of touch. (Nitpicking that part of the show with my husband was great fun.) While it is true that smaller newspapers are thriving in these […]