March 19, 2010

Writing that my grandmother died Feb. 14 felt too hard to write, so that’s why I took such a long break. Mom-Mom, as I called her, and I had a remarkable relationship, and she was always there when I needed her. Last night, I was reminded of how thoughtful she was while I was cleaning and found a KFC coupon (she knew I loved coupons) and a newspaper clipping of a columnist’s positive thoughts about journalism. That’s how Mom-Mom was, always looking on the bright side. She would patiently listen to me complain, but she was always positive and always pushing me onward. She even gave my cousin and I money to go to graduate school.

What Mom-Mom wouldn’t want me to do would be to get depressed and sluggish. She would want me to continue to work hard.

Mom-Mom and I at the rehearsal dinner to my wedding last fall.

Thank you, Mom-Mom.

So, consider me back–and better. For example, I have a brand new Mac to help me in this endeavor! My old one still sort of worked, but it lost power after 15 minutes, refused to charge unless the phone book was placed on top of it and was five or six years old. Spilling the soda on it didn’t help either.

Lastly, Amir and I just came back from the annual Florida Press Club officers’ cruise. We not only went to Cozumel and had a blast, but also Jennifer (our president), Megan (our treasurer) and I had a very productive meeting to discuss the future of our fine organization. More about that later.

Now, onward!

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