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Well, I was informed yesterday that I will be moving from my swing shift position soon. Although the hours for it are right in the middle of the day (noon-8:30 p.m.), I like what I do. I take great pride in putting together Volusia Review and Focus by myself, and I’ve gotten to meet a […]

Getting inspired

It’s nice when you get a nibble of an idea and actually have time to execute it. One night I received “standalone art,” which just means that a photographer went out and took a picture of something noteworthy, and I was supposed to use it to break up the type on that page. Well, to […]

SuperNews strikes again

I really love SuperNews. I discovered it by way of the video I posted on my LinkedIn post. Passive Aggressive e-mail boxing

If real life were more like the Internet

If real life were more like the Internet Posted using ShareThis Heh. So true!

Going, going, gone

No April Fools’ Day joke: The deal closed. “New era begins for News-Journal” “From the Publisher: An Open Letter to Readers” I know what changes I’m expecting.

Photography hit, too

It’s not just writers. Photographers face the same. Amateurs, happy to accept small checks for snapshots of children and sunsets, have increasing opportunities to make money on photos but are underpricing professional photographers and leaving them with limited career options. Professionals are also being hurt because magazines and newspapers are cutting pages or shutting altogether. […]