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April 27, 2010

It’s nice when you get a nibble of an idea and actually have time to execute it. One night I received “standalone art,” which just means that a photographer went out and took a picture of something noteworthy, and I was supposed to use it to break up the type on that page. Well, to paraphrase the photographer, Nigel Cook, the kid in the picture had more paint on him than on the house he was painting.

An e-mail I got as an explanation of the event didn’t answer some questions I had, so I called a teacher, who had brought together a group of students to paint a needy person’s house. I found Dan Lucas, who organized the event, to be inspiring. (Check out his quote at the end.) So I wanted to give it more than just a cutline, which is an explanation under the picture. I think I surprised him as well when I said it wouldn’t be in our regional edition Neighbors, it would be in the Local section.

An article grew from our conversation, although I hope what I wrote doesn’t look like I did it in 30 minutes!

Since the article wasn’t “budgeted” and we forgot to tell the online person I had written an article to go along with it, that’s why it didn’t show up online. But I’d like to share it here. (FYI, hopefully, my new contract allows it. If not, I might have to delete it.)


Fifty students sponsored by the Future Grad Club of Campbell Middle School painted a home during the third annual Paint Party Project on Saturday.

Exceptional education teacher Dan Lucas said homeowner Celena Stephens had been devastated by last year’s floods. The project, which had additional support from principal Vickie Presley and donations of paint and landscaping from Wal-Mart, has meant that Stephens is “almost ready to sleep in her bed again.”

The students worked from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on South Alamanda Street in Daytona Beach.

“No matter what circumstances, no matter what you have or don’t have, the simplest thing you can give is time,” Lucas said. “The Paint Party Project teaches students the importance of giving back.”

He said the students already want to do it again.

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