Monthly Archives: June 2010

I’m a photographer, part II

On Sunday — for Monday’s paper — I drove to Keiser University to take a picture of the building because I needed a piece of art for an article, and we didn’t have one. While I wouldn’t exactly call what I did getting inspired, it was dedication. I did it because I found only ONE […]

Jumpy copy editor

My friend Bonnie, who deserves her own tag now because she sends me the coolest links, sent me a link in an e-mail with the subject line of “I will remember this the next time i see you…want you to be your best!” Throw small projectiles at your copy editor now and then. A jumpy […]

New blog series

I’m going to review some books, shows or movies where the main character (or even a minor character if he or she is interesting enough) is a journalist…or copy editor if I can find one. Sometimes —like when I watched the now-defunct “Eastwick” — I want to throw something at the television. Other times, like […]

Fun with Keynote et al

I’ve made Amir into an Apple fan. Who knew it would be so easy? I should have known, though, that the software would draw him in. He’s had success selling his holding pattern tutorial for pilots, but after some time, needed a way to get a fresh audience for PilotsCafe. Maybe something to put on […]

AP Stylebook Quiz: How well do you know it?

The AP Stylebook changed a great deal in a short time. This is the one year that I really will have to go out and buy a new one to keep myself up-to-date. Not only did Web site finally become website but also social media terms have come into play. State names are also spelled […]

Working vacation

Maybe it’s the fact I grew up an only child, but I don’t get bored easily. Psychology Today even says that an only child knows “how to be content with his or her own company from spending a lot of time in the family alone.” Consequently, my “vacation” turned out to be a working one. […]