I’m a photographer, part II

June 29, 2010

On Sunday — for Monday’s paper — I drove to Keiser University to take a picture of the building because I needed a piece of art for an article, and we didn’t have one.

While I wouldn’t exactly call what I did getting inspired, it was dedication. I did it because I found only ONE way to design around a story with an awkwardly sized box, and that included finding a picture to break up the text and fill out a long right column. (You can’t exactly use filler ads to plug the front.)

Keiser University in Daytona Beach, above, is among 14 campuses across Florida.

(This is the image very cropped. WordPress doesn’t allow me to show the whole thing, but you can click on it for a larger view.)

Of course, I told people I drove to the campus to take a picture of the building, and some people saw it in the next day’s paper. One editor said it was a great building mug and framed well. The designer, who I show my work to, said, “Now I know you’ve been bitten by the design bug. You took a picture just so your design would work!” Another one came up the next day and told me I was mentioned in the afternoon meeting. Our newsroom’s managing editor even wrote me this nice e-mail (and CC’d our executive editor):

At today’s critique, we learned that you were putting together the business page yesterday and thought the design would look a lot better with a piece of art with the Keiser University story. So, you got up and went out and took it yourself.
That’s great dedication. Thanks so much.

See the picture here with the article by Mark Harper while the N-J still has it available online.)

So I guess I was a photographer for the biz page again!

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