Florida Press Club crunch

September 24, 2010

Have I mentioned we need a contest coordinator for next year, so all of you fantastic journalists, copy editors, designers, online journalists, freelance journalist and every other kind of -journalist can keep reeling in those awards? You do want your awards, right, and on time? Consider it said: We’re in grave danger of not having a Florida Press Club.

Running an organization with three people is exhausting, but only two officers…that’s impossible. What happened to one of us? You’ll find out at the banquet. (Yes, that’s a teaser.)

If you happened to have stumbled across my site via Google (while you were looking up banquet information), here that is:

TradeWinds Island Resorts
St. Petersburg
October 30
Registration around 6 p.m.
Dinner is $45.

The industrious Lucy Morgan is our speaker. An open bar. An after party. What’s not to love?

We welcome new members, even if you’re just coming to network with other journalists. Come on — it’ll be fun!

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