More quick tidbits

November 9, 2010

More quick bites:

  • Our intern put the winners online:
  • Jennifer wrote a very sad resignation letter for our front page.
  • I camped in Melbourne Beach over the weekend with my lovely college friends and met some new friends through them during our annual celebration of my friend Bonnie’s birthday (You might have seen her sitting by me at the banquet). The weather was cold and wet, but company like that keeps the fire going. Literally. We all took turns collecting firewood!
  • I am planning on attending the Managment World Americas conference, the industry’s leading communications management conference, through the Florida Press Club this week. I’m really looking forward to it. More on that later.
  • I’ve been taking notes on who e-mailed me when about Florida Press Club plaques, so you will get your award depending on when you contacted me. I found that would probably be the fairest way to distribute the awards. I’ve still got five giant boxes of plaques sitting in my living room, so please be patient.
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