Time Flu Away

December 3, 2010

While I recuperate from the flu and find my posting mojo, I’ll leave you with an “Off the Wall” picture of me in Mexico. (Keep in mind that my father is a history teacher, and I have wanted to see those ruins since seventh grade world history.)

Tulum was a Maya city from around 1200 AD to little after the Spanish conquest. I have a fascination for walled cities, and this was no exception. I especially loved the Temple of the Frescoes, where there were handprints…showing six or seven fingers.

Behind me is the watchtower where the Maya kept watch in case the gods came back from across the ocean. Five hundred years later, when they spotted the Spanish, they thought the moment had arrived. Well, not so much. The beach is where the Spanish first landed. It's a protected sea turtle habitat now.

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