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As I shared on Twitter in 140 characters or less: Joyous #Janufest! Since we copy deskers never get holidays off, we created a holiday (Sat.) where we party late & buy presents 4 ourselves! The time for wearing purple is here. Joyous #Janufest! (You don’t have to be a copy editor, just nocturnal.) #in […]


So, I’ve been, er, unenthusiastic about Twitter in the past, but hey, it’s a new year. I’ve got to add to my social media toolkit. Trouble is, it’s so easy, I could easily see myself going #overboard… Presenting: *splash*

New Year’s means new experiences

One of the silver linings of working on holidays is that work is low-key. Usually all the stories stay the same, and you know in advance what you’re doing. Sometimes, too, that gives you the opportunity to do more — like write short 1C copy block about the change in weather on New Year’s Day. […]