New Year’s means new experiences

January 3, 2011

One of the silver linings of working on holidays is that work is low-key. Usually all the stories stay the same, and you know in advance what you’re doing. Sometimes, too, that gives you the opportunity to do more — like write short 1C copy block about the change in weather on New Year’s Day.

(To read “Warm Resolutions: New year means new weather” with the pictures and the cutlines I wrote with information from photographer David Massey, click here. The News-Journal takes down articles after two weeks, so I’m posting this here for posterity LOL)

After weathering the coldest December since 1935, walkers with possible cases of cabin fever took to area beaches and enjoyed the warmer weather that lingered in the 70s for most of New Year’s Day.

Foot traffic increased from Flagler Beach to Daytona Beach. Family pictures were taken. Others even braved the 57-degree water.

Expect the change to continue, according to Lows will be in the mid-50s while the high will also be in the mid-70s.

For more information on today’s weather conditions, see our Weather Page

It’s nothing big, but I like having time to do something different!

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