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February 26, 2011

When my friend Kat Clement sent me some blog love, what she didn’t know was that I was having a tough work week–specifically that my work duties are changing for about the fourth time–so thank you, Kat. You brightened my week!

For all my longtime readers, go visit Kat’s blog: http://katherineclement.wordpress.com/. Kat has a variety of interests, so there’s something for everyone. She has posts not only on the difficulties in finding a journalism job but also her passion for running and fitness.

For you new readers wondering who the heck I am, I am a copy editor, page designer and sometimes writer (mainly features) for The Daytona Beach News-Journal. I’ve gone from putting the obituaries on the page to working the news editor position — one of the first women in years to have done so. Starting March 1, the copy desk will become a universal desk, and while I am looking forward to streamlining work, I remain nervous because things like that always take some time to show benefits. I am also the president of The Florida Press Club.

You might want to start with some of my most popular posts:

…and here are a few of my favorites:

  • “Who said print is dead?” I met a street performer in Honolulu, who has a creative use for newspapers.
  • “Fun with Keynote et al” I was the voice talent for a promo my husband worked on for his website, Pilot’s Cafe.
  • “Not feeling the love” A former co-worker reflects on our dysfunctional relationship with journalism.
  • “Changes” After our third (fourth? fifth?) round of layoffs–hard to keep count–my job description changed. Then, more people were laid off, and I started working nights again.
  • “Inspiration” After my grandmother’s death, I worked to regain focus and remembered her encouragement. (A year later, I miss her more than ever.)
  • “Picture Perfect Shoot” I dance the night away in Daytona Beach as an extra in a spring break movie.

Happy reading, and please feel free to comment (or de-lurk)!


  1. I’m so sorry you were having a tough work week! I can definitely relate to changing job descriptions (and additional duties!) – unfortunately, that hasn’t changed with the job change. I’m glad my blog love cheered you up and I hope it brought you plenty of new readers.

    I don’t know when I’m in PC again, but we NEED to get together.

  2. Yes, tell me when you’re in PC. I’ve heard of some great restaurants to check out.

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