Monthly Archives: March 2011

Grammar’s Dirty Little Secret

Bonnie, my longtime friend and honorary Florida Press Club member — you might remember her as my arm candy at the 2010 banquet — sends along this Wall Street Journal blog post, which pretty much tells grammar freaks to chill out. (You trying to tell me something, Bonnie?) Listen, we’re going to let you guys […]

AP Style: e-mail is now email

Let’s bow our heads to acknowledge the fact that e-mail is now email. I think it’s ridiculous because it means electronic mail, e-mail. However, English evolves, even if it’s ridiculous. (Guess we should have known that columnist was just testing to see whether there would be any reaction to email.) Still, I doubt I will […]

Kim Harrison mentions Q&A on her blog

If you couldn’t tell by my numerous tweets and blog posts, I am thrilled about how my Q&A with New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison turned out. In the past couple days, we’ve had a fun back-and-forth as I told her about the article coming out. For starters, she sent a nice e-mail reply […]

Behind the Scenes: Kim Harrison interview

I very rarely get nervous interviewing someone these days, but I got tongue-tied when I interviewed New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison about her book “Pale Demon,” the ninth book in The Hollows series. I could go on all day, but she is an amazing person to interview. Her answers were clear and concise. […]

Why press releases are a good thing

Last night, we had photographs for a standalone centerpiece, but unfortunately, we had no text. If we had no information and the event was over for the night, we might have run just one photograph and a cutline. Fortunately, I received a press release on my desk about the Spring Break Nationals, an annual mobile […]

Behind the scenes: Reviewing an Indian restaurant

I am really looking forward to an easy-going review experience after some drama-filled ones (including forgetting to take photos for Big Planet Pizza). I thought “Neelam” would be the place to overcome the funk. I drove by it every day on the way to my yoga class, so I thought there was nothing to worry […]