Kim Harrison mentions Q&A on her blog

March 24, 2011

If you couldn’t tell by my numerous tweets and blog posts, I am thrilled about how my Q&A with New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison turned out. In the past couple days, we’ve had a fun back-and-forth as I told her about the article coming out.

For starters, she sent a nice e-mail reply and wrote on her Drama Box (blog) about it being published:

I had a lovely interview with Sherry while on the road. She actually remembers me visiting [Daytona Beach] in 2006 for a romance conference, and it made for a nice chat.

I thanked her again in a comment (by Sherry) to her next post, where she talks about the chilly Michigan weather. (If you missed my previous post about the not included Q&A about her move, here that is:

I’ve always said it’s much more rewarding for me to write things people enjoy and thank you for writing — that’s why I became a features writer in the first place. Now that I’m a copy editor, I don’t get as many of those opportunities, but I’ll seize them when I can. (So, boss, if you’re reading this, please give me more “writing” days — as long as I can pick the topic!)

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