AP Style: e-mail is now email

March 28, 2011

Let’s bow our heads to acknowledge the fact that e-mail is now email. I think it’s ridiculous because it means electronic mail, e-mail. However, English evolves, even if it’s ridiculous.

(Guess we should have known that columnist was just testing to see whether there would be any reaction to email.)

Still, I doubt I will ever like writing email without the hyphen. Writing “email” just looks wrong, and yes, I realize I wrote the exact same thing when I posted how Web site changed to website. I actually think that change was necessary. That’s not the case with email — electronic mail. We still use e-book and e-business, right?

Lest you think I’m just being a meanie to the AP Style gurus, I am a big believer in buying the stylebook, especially the online version. It’s essential. How else could I learn so quickly that hotline is now one word, and then correct an editor? Ha. Originally, I had wanted a hard copy in case, like, the power went off, and I had to work off-grid. Yeah, that hasn’t happened yet. But maybe in 2012. I hear there’s an apocalypse or something.

So, copy editors, just to reiterate: Even though email looks wrong (and is, in my opinion, wrong), we just have to suck it up.


  1. I agree with everything except the defeatist sentiment that we “just have to suck it up.” AP style rules that are as obnoxious as this one deserve to be overridden by in-house style.

  2. Knowing that cellphone and smartphone became one word again gives me hope there will be a reversal. Until then, I have to go along with what my newspaper decides, and email appears to be the winner (so far). Certainly in my own correspondence, I will still write e-mail.

  3. Steven

    I agree, but it IS easier to type “email” instead of “e-mail,” isn’t it?

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