Monthly Archives: August 2011

CNN has nowhere to go

I’ve been on the computer while listening on-and-off to CNN’s Hurricane Irene coverage. (My cousin and her husband— who went through an earthquake earlier this week in the DC area — reported a tree falling on their apartment roof and ending up between her apartment and a neighbor’s, so I’m checking updates.) Then, I hear […]

Last “last call” for FPC contest

Hi everyone, Over the weekend and this morning, some entrants reported uploading problems on our online contest platform: . Since then, I have been assured by omniCONTESTS that the issues have been addressed. Thank you so much for your perseverance and patience. UPLOADING If anyone gave up for the time being or decided to […]

Writing headlines with Stephen Colbert

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Art of trolling — grammar

see more The Art of Trolling (H/T Bonnie)

Florida Press Club Contest Q&A

I sent some of this out to the wonderful, talented bunch who make up The Florida Press Club: 1. How do we enter the contest? The website address is Register in the upper left corner. Please read the RULES and the HELP pages before clicking the ADD ENTRY button. Please fill out and click […]