Florida Press Club Contest Q&A

September 14, 2011

I sent some of this out to the wonderful, talented bunch who make up The Florida Press Club:

1. How do we enter the contest?
The website address is https://omnicontests4.com/Default.aspx?comp_id=170. Register in the upper left corner. Please read the RULES and the HELP pages before clicking the ADD ENTRY button. Please fill out and click save for all the tabs. If you are entering a jump as a second document, please label the first and second documents, PDFs, etc., as 1 and 2 at the end of the title. You may upload multiple documents by clicking the + option.

2. What about special sections?
Please email me for details. (See CONTACT page.) You will still fill out all of the information, but you will mail your entry to Sherry instead.

3. Do we have to pay through PayPal?
Although PayPal is our preferred method of payment, we realize some news organizations can only pay by check. Please email Sherry Mims and Megan Stokes to let us know as soon as possible. Otherwise, omniCONTESTS will not let you finalize entries. We have to manually submit your entries for you, so our eyes will be the last ones to look at your entries. No changes will be allowed after entries are submitted.

You can also pay by debit card or credit card through PayPal without actually having PayPal. After clicking on PAY NOW, omniCONTESTS will take you to check out. Select the “Don’t Have a PayPal Account” option to pay this way. Paying online is preferred because you will be able to finalize entries. Remember to go back to VIEW ENTRIES afterward. If you see the incomplete after payment, click on incomplete, and your entry will be submitted (accepted).

4. Are the Serious and Light Feature Writing categories different?
Yes, despite the descriptions on the initial Call for Entries, Serious Feature Writing is the category for serious news features or in-depth profiles. The Light Feature Writing category is for lighter articles (holiday, travel).

5. If I am submitting entries for multiple people, what do I do?
If you are entering for two or more people, you can use your name as usual. On the second tab, it will ask you for Entry Information. Put names the way you would want them to appear on the certificate. (This option is required for everyone, not just for multiple entrants.) When you review the totals, you will notice you are only charged one $20 membership fee. This is incorrect if you are submitting entries for two or more people. There is a fee discount set up to allow lone entrants to pay $20 once. By all means, pay the total through PayPal (or see No. 3, above, about checks), but then send us an email telling us the names and email addresses of the people whose entries you are submitting. Again, please email this information to both Sherry and Megan, but you will only send payment to Megan. We will be going through entries, and we will disqualify any contest entries from people who did not pay the $20 membership fee. If there are multiple names on a byline, all people must be members in good standing. The $20 per person fee is good until the 2012 Excellence in Journalism Contest.

Because omniCONTESTS’ software is new to us, we recommend finalizing all entries BEFORE the AUGUST 15 deadline. We cannot fix entries if it is past the contest deadline, and we will not refund entrants for disqualified entries. This is to be fair to everyone who submitted on time.

Please let us know if you need any help. We’ve had great feedback so far, so feel free to email any of us.