Monthly Archives: November 2011

Not a farewell

November has been a month of action. First, the banquet! National Novel Writing Month Employee of the month award I also went to Palm Coast Entrepreneur Night. It was great visiting a new community and meeting such nice people. …and, last but not least, I am pleased to announce I accepted the associate editor position […]


After thanking the M.E., he wrote back: I did have a nice weekend, and again, thank you for all your hard work with the Florida Press Club. Too often, that sort of work goes unrecognized. I’ve coordinated some contests myself, and it’s a lot of work. In your case, it was a lot of extra […]

Florida Press Club frenzy!

Our workshop with Dr. Rick Wilber and the 60th annual Excellence in Journalism Competition Awards Banquet went great on the whole. But I am exhausted! Still, I wanted to share an excerpt of what the Managing Editor of The Daytona Beach News-Journal (the boss of my boss) wrote to everyone: Also, a special thanks to […]


National Novel Writing Month officially started yesterday, and with the help of my bestie, Jess, we typed out more than 3,000 words combined. Because we know we will fill our time up with other stuff, which in my case means Florida Press Club all day every day, we team up together. On the nights I […]

Reserve your spot

…by going to our Facebook event page for the 60th annual Excellence in Journalism banquet. Reserve my spot!