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Read what a day my life work life is like.

Behind the Scenes: Kim Harrison interview

I very rarely get nervous interviewing someone these days, but I got tongue-tied when I interviewed New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison about her book “Pale Demon,” the ninth book in The Hollows series. I could go on all day, but she is an amazing person to interview. Her answers were clear and concise. […]

Hurrah for recognition

Taking a picture so that my business page design would work paid off — literally. I was named one of the employees of the month and won $100. From the e-mail: —Special Recognition: Designer Sherry Mims for her extra effort in designing the business page on Sunday, June 27. Sherry thought the page would look […]

I’m a photographer, part II

On Sunday — for Monday’s paper — I drove to Keiser University to take a picture of the building because I needed a piece of art for an article, and we didn’t have one. While I wouldn’t exactly call what I did getting inspired, it was dedication. I did it because I found only ONE […]

Jumpy copy editor

My friend Bonnie, who deserves her own tag now because she sends me the coolest links, sent me a link in an e-mail with the subject line of “I will remember this the next time i see you…want you to be your best!” Throw small projectiles at your copy editor now and then. A jumpy […]


Well, I was informed yesterday that I will be moving from my swing shift position soon. Although the hours for it are right in the middle of the day (noon-8:30 p.m.), I like what I do. I take great pride in putting together Volusia Review and Focus by myself, and I’ve gotten to meet a […]


The court case reached toward Harbor–HarborPoint that is. Yes, my old employer, owner of The Daily Commercial, will buy The Daytona Beach News-Journal for $20 million. (Just think, 47.5 percent of the shares were once worth $129 million in 2006.) Read all about it here: Judge approves sale of News-Journal. All day tomorrow they’re holding […]


(And not just the fact that I am a married woman now!)

The Daytona Beach News-Journal had layoffs while Amir and I were on our honeymoon (Sept. 15). That week I am asked to work a new position, created from one of our lost positions and merged with some night-time stuff. I had been working either 4 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. or 4:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. in my current role of copy editor and getting a night differential.

I figured since I went to all the trouble of writing it, one or two of you at least might want to read about what I do all day :-)


I’ve been so busy wedding planning –yes, I’m getting married Sept. 12 to Amir — that I’ve put writing on hold. Or so I thought. Last night at work, an opportunity arose from a space issue we were having at the paper. And I ran with it! Like most papers nowadays, space for editorial (also […]