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Sherry Mims talks about her professional life and the subject of journalism.

CNN fail?

Just to clarify, I have nothing against CNN, but why do the anchors and producers make some of their segments so mock-worthy? [. . .]Yes, that’s “Hard In Da Paint” by R.A.P.E.D. You go, Grandma! Edited Sept. 14: New information has come out about the video I posted. 1. The person who uploaded the video […]

CNN has nowhere to go

I’ve been on the computer while listening on-and-off to CNN’s Hurricane Irene coverage. (My cousin and her husband— who went through an earthquake earlier this week in the DC area — reported a tree falling on their apartment roof and ending up between her apartment and a neighbor’s, so I’m checking updates.) Then, I hear […]

Last “last call” for FPC contest

Hi everyone, Over the weekend and this morning, some entrants reported uploading problems on our online contest platform: . Since then, I have been assured by omniCONTESTS that the issues have been addressed. Thank you so much for your perseverance and patience. UPLOADING If anyone gave up for the time being or decided to […]

Writing headlines with Stephen Colbert

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Art of trolling — grammar

see more The Art of Trolling (H/T Bonnie)

Florida Press Club Contest Q&A

I sent some of this out to the wonderful, talented bunch who make up The Florida Press Club: 1. How do we enter the contest? The website address is Register in the upper left corner. Please read the RULES and the HELP pages before clicking the ADD ENTRY button. Please fill out and click […]

2011 Excellence in Journalism Competition

Florida Press Club’s competition runs from July 15-August 15. Yes, you have a whole month to submit, so take your time and make everything is done correctly. That’s best for you — and for me (because I’m running it). 2011 Excellence in Journalism Competition If you have a question — say about paying by check […]

New page and an update

I added a page — — to streamline my social media accounts. I have the Twitter and Localyte widgets on the far right, but they should be easier to find. Now they are! I am negotiating prices for an online platform for the 2011 Excellence in Journalism Contest. It’s coming soon, so organize your […]

Work is keeping me busy — and cryogenically preserving me

You think I’m joking, but I’m not. My co-worker Ruth’s smartphone said it was 63 degrees by the copy desk. Our boss got tired of hearing us complain, so he brought us beach towels to add yet another layer. (We were already wearing 2 sweaters each by this point.) Then we found…Blanket! No, seriously, Ruth […]

Yellow light

Florida Press Club business, work and other things have kept me quite busy during the month of May. However, absolute unique visitors and page views have gone up. Hooray! Within the next day or two, I will give you a long post to satiate all you readers out there. I’m not exaggerating when I say […]