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Articles ahoy!

When I left The Daytona Beach News-Journal, I made sure my byline would appear for a little longer: A sidebar and If You Go box on the Jan. 7-8, 2011, re-enactment of the Dade Massacre in Bushnell, Fla. They were paired with a wire story about the Dec. 28, 1835, incident, which sparked the Second […]

Behind the scenes: Reviewing an Indian restaurant

I am really looking forward to an easy-going review experience after some drama-filled ones (including forgetting to take photos for Big Planet Pizza). I thought “Neelam” would be the place to overcome the funk. I drove by it every day on the way to my yoga class, so I thought there was nothing to worry […]

Staying busy

In the newspaper industry, it’s normal to work Christmas Eve, Christmas, any holidays, really, and weekends, so you learn to take advantage of time off when you are able. I worked Christmas Eve and Christmas, so my “holidays” were just random days. Random works, especially this hectic time of year. It’s been really nice to […]

FPC banquet concludes, and NaNoWriMo begins

Yours truly had a very fun (but exhausting) weekend with the Florida Press Club, so brevity is essential at this point. I went straight to work after my drive from St. Pete Beach, and today I had to pay our plaque guy and organize receipts before going to work again. In no particular order: Thank […]

Who said print is dead?

I passed this fabulous man in Waikiki, Hawaii, and much to Amir’s embarrassment, had to get a picture with him. The street performer, who had been mobbed the first time we saw him, whispered, “Let’s do this before anyone else sees and comes over. There’s an art to it, you know.” An artiste! Well, an […]

Fun with Keynote et al

I’ve made Amir into an Apple fan. Who knew it would be so easy? I should have known, though, that the software would draw him in. He’s had success selling his holding pattern tutorial for pilots, but after some time, needed a way to get a fresh audience for PilotsCafe. Maybe something to put on […]


Writing that my grandmother died Feb. 14 felt too hard to write, so that’s why I took such a long break. Mom-Mom, as I called her, and I had a remarkable relationship, and she was always there when I needed her. Last night, I was reminded of how thoughtful she was while I was cleaning […]

My first restaurant review

I reviewed a restaurant for the first time in the Daytona Beach News-Journal’s weekly “Lunch Bunch/Supper Club” feature: Copy editor Sherry Mims and her husband, Amir Fleminger, went to lunch recently at Ivy Lane Bistro on South Beach Street in Daytona Beach. It features a variety of sandwiches, soups and wraps as well as specials […]

Lighthouse moment

Either Amir or I took this picture when we took a cruise to the Bahamas for Florida Press Club business. (Believe it or not, it’s cheaper to meet on a cruise because everything is inclusive. It would cost much more to pay for food, lodging and transportation to a central city.) I do love a […]


I’ve been so busy wedding planning –yes, I’m getting married Sept. 12 to Amir — that I’ve put writing on hold. Or so I thought. Last night at work, an opportunity arose from a space issue we were having at the paper. And I ran with it! Like most papers nowadays, space for editorial (also […]