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Grammar’s Dirty Little Secret

Bonnie, my longtime friend and honorary Florida Press Club member — you might remember her as my arm candy at the 2010 banquet — sends along this Wall Street Journal blog post, which pretty much tells grammar freaks to chill out. (You trying to tell me something, Bonnie?) Listen, we’re going to let you guys […]

AP Style: e-mail is now email

Let’s bow our heads to acknowledge the fact that e-mail is now email. I think it’s ridiculous because it means electronic mail, e-mail. However, English evolves, even if it’s ridiculous. (Guess we should have known that columnist was just testing to see whether there would be any reaction to email.) Still, I doubt I will […]

Jumpy copy editor

My friend Bonnie, who deserves her own tag now because she sends me the coolest links, sent me a link in an e-mail with the subject line of “I will remember this the next time i see you…want you to be your best!” Throw small projectiles at your copy editor now and then. A jumpy […]

AP Stylebook Quiz: How well do you know it?

The AP Stylebook changed a great deal in a short time. This is the one year that I really will have to go out and buy a new one to keep myself up-to-date. Not only did Web site finally become website but also social media terms have come into play. State names are also spelled […]

Fake AP Stylebook says

“The correct spelling of “vampire” is “Robert Pattinson” because he’s soooo dreamy.” Gotta love these spoofs. Check more out at Fake AP Stylebook.