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Articles ahoy!

When I left The Daytona Beach News-Journal, I made sure my byline would appear for a little longer: A sidebar and If You Go box on the Jan. 7-8, 2011, re-enactment of the Dade Massacre in Bushnell, Fla. They were paired with a wire story about the Dec. 28, 1835, incident, which sparked the Second […]

Behind the Scenes: Kim Harrison interview

I very rarely get nervous interviewing someone these days, but I got tongue-tied when I interviewed New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison about her book “Pale Demon,” the ninth book in The Hollows series. I could go on all day, but she is an amazing person to interview. Her answers were clear and concise. […]

More Kim Harrison

Love her! I have to admit: Kim Harrison had me worried with “White Witch, Black Curse” that her series was losing its sparkle, but she’s back with style in “Black Magic Sanction.” Here’s my review: Kim Harrison regains momentum with her fast paced eighth novel “Black Magic Sanction,” which finds bounty hunter and witch Rachel […]

‘Under the Dome’ review

I’m back, with a sometimes-sticky keyboard, but I’m back. Hooray! Since I no longer see book reviews listed on the News-Journal Web site, I’ll start posting my reviews here. For instance, while traveling (more info to come), my book review of Stephen King’s enormous “Under the Dome” ran. “The King is back” The sheer size […]

The lost book review

Since it’s been more than two weeks–and that’s about the life of a News-Journal link, I’ve just decided to post my mostly negative review of Enrique Joven’s “The Book of God and Physics” on my blog. I hope no one at work will mind since I’m not sure who is in charge of posting them […]

‘Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven’

That’s really the title of the book I reviewed in today’s paper. I highly, highly recommend this book by Susan Jane Gilman for you travelers out there. (What did you think of it, Jessica?) For why I feel that way, check out my review ‘Heaven’ chronicles 2 women’s gripping trip from hell. (Review should be […]

Top 5 things I like about being a journalist

I inform people about people, places and/or events they should know about. I meet the most fascinating people doing interviews. I’ve interviewed artists, actors and people in far out fields, such as steamboat operators! My co-workers are all educated and well-read. You can read books, screen movies and try products for review purposes for free […]