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Model self-promoter

I love doing new things, so when my co-worker Jacque, who sits across from me, mentioned needing a model to display her amazing crochet work for her stylish Etsy shop, I said, “Absolutely!” (And how could I resist having “model” on my resume?) Definitely check her store out for birthday or Christmas presents. I particularly […]

Sleeping with the enemy, er, source

It was uncanny I came across this Gawker post about the “tradition” of reporters sleeping with their sources so soon after a conversation with a co-worker. I took the position that it’s a conflict of interest. (The following is not verbatim.) Female Co-worker 1: That Barbara Walters got around. I had no idea she slept […]

The lost book review

Since it’s been more than two weeks–and that’s about the life of a News-Journal link, I’ve just decided to post my mostly negative review of Enrique Joven’s “The Book of God and Physics” on my blog. I hope no one at work will mind since I’m not sure who is in charge of posting them […]

I’m a photographer!

OK, so I’ve been taking pictures for my articles for a while now, but it’s the first time one of my photographs has been used for another journalist. Imagine my surprise yesterday when my Dublin, Ireland, photo, below, was used Monday on the business page to promo Tuesday’s story about…local attorneys. I was a little […]

Top 5 things I like about being a journalist

I inform people about people, places and/or events they should know about. I meet the most fascinating people doing interviews. I’ve interviewed artists, actors and people in far out fields, such as steamboat operators! My co-workers are all educated and well-read. You can read books, screen movies and try products for review purposes for free […]


I’m a great cheerleader. I don’t mean the pom-pom waving sort, but I do well in encouraging others. A News-Journal colleague of mine wrote a 75-inch article on Charlottesville, Va., for the travel section. Then, a week before it was supposed to run, the powers-that-be morphed the travel section into a tabloid-sized entertainment guide, where […]