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Free time? What’s that?

Either way, you’ll bag peanuts


Here’s something fun from a while ago. I found it while feeding my well-known addiction to “Get Fuzzy.”

If real life were more like the Internet

If real life were more like the Internet Posted using ShareThis Heh. So true!

“Help Desk” helper

I think Scott Adams bugged The Daytona Beach News-Journal. No, not really, but I doubt his strip could be any more accurate, down to the exact character. And it’s not just me. I posted the comic on the board, and every single person on the copy desk knew the person on our (un) “help desk” […]

“Get Fuzzy” and travel writing

I love “Get Fuzzy.” I’m sure we all know a bratty cat or two 😛

He needed killin’

We copy editors have a weird sense of humor. Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net (h/t cranky_editors.)