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Nerdy posts I write my readers

One night while designing 2A with “People & Places” in mind, I looked on the Entertainment wire — a system whereby we “pull” articles from the Associated Press — and read an article by Chicago Tribune reporter Mark Caro on actor Rob Lowe’s new book. Obviously, this reporter has been a copy editor, or rarer yet, a sympathizer: […]

Jumpy copy editor

My friend Bonnie, who deserves her own tag now because she sends me the coolest links, sent me a link in an e-mail with the subject line of “I will remember this the next time i see you…want you to be your best!” Throw small projectiles at your copy editor now and then. A jumpy […]

‘Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven’

That’s really the title of the book I reviewed in today’s paper. I highly, highly recommend this book by Susan Jane Gilman for you travelers out there. (What did you think of it, Jessica?) For why I feel that way, check out my review ‘Heaven’ chronicles 2 women’s gripping trip from hell. (Review should be […]

Yes, why NOT join the Grammar Police?

Who says all ads are bad? I perused my boyfriend Amir’s aviation-related Web site (Pilot’s Cafe) and spotted this gem: It reminds me of my last night in London, where to my horror and my best friend Jessica’s, we spotted BAD ENGLISH. It was in a restricted area, but I braved it. I wouldn’t be […]