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Picture perfect shoot

The Daytona Beach Spring Break History Project held a casting call for people between 18-30 on Tuesday, Nov. 16, so how could I miss it? I remember Daytona Beach being THE destination. Somewhere down the line, whether it was the police crackdowns or Miami’s draw, the crowds stopped coming. It’s not what it used to […]

Numb for NaNoWriMo

I hadn’t noticed that the National Novel Writing Month website now has a nifty tool to track your progress. While it’s fantastic, it also reminds me I have lots more to do. For instance, I need to write 2,475 words a day to reach the total 50,000-word goal. Uh huh. But onward! My Cambridge-based BFF […]

Model self-promoter

I love doing new things, so when my co-worker Jacque, who sits across from me, mentioned needing a model to display her amazing crochet work for her stylish Etsy shop, I said, “Absolutely!” (And how could I resist having “model” on my resume?) Definitely check her store out for birthday or Christmas presents. I particularly […]

Mario’s Restaurant review

I’ve written a “Lunch Bunch” and had fun, so the next thing to do was write a “Supper Club” restaurant review of Mario’s restaurant for The News-Journal: Old-fashioned food does not equal a tired menu at Mario’s Restaurant in Ormond Beach, as copy editor Sherry Mims and her husband, Amir Fleminger, discovered during an outing […]

Typo hunts and other things to do

Ha, between planning for the upcoming Florida Press Club banquet in October, motivating myself to finish a restaurant review and book review for the News-Journal, plus nabbing possible freelance work — relax HR, nothing against my contract — it’s easy to forget to update. Very easy because I thought I had linked to an interesting […]

Hurrah for recognition

Taking a picture so that my business page design would work paid off — literally. I was named one of the employees of the month and won $100. From the e-mail: —Special Recognition: Designer Sherry Mims for her extra effort in designing the business page on Sunday, June 27. Sherry thought the page would look […]

I’m a photographer, part II

On Sunday — for Monday’s paper — I drove to Keiser University to take a picture of the building because I needed a piece of art for an article, and we didn’t have one. While I wouldn’t exactly call what I did getting inspired, it was dedication. I did it because I found only ONE […]

In the meantime

Don’t worry. The job hasn’t sucked the life out of me yet! (Haha, I’m joking, Human Resources. I love the people at the N-J!) While I get back into the groove–I’ve been both the trainer and the trainee in these past couple of weeks–I want to direct some hits to The Florida Press Club‘s website* […]


Well, I was informed yesterday that I will be moving from my swing shift position soon. Although the hours for it are right in the middle of the day (noon-8:30 p.m.), I like what I do. I take great pride in putting together Volusia Review and Focus by myself, and I’ve gotten to meet a […]

Getting inspired

It’s nice when you get a nibble of an idea and actually have time to execute it. One night I received “standalone art,” which just means that a photographer went out and took a picture of something noteworthy, and I was supposed to use it to break up the type on that page. Well, to […]