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After thanking the M.E., he wrote back: I did have a nice weekend, and again, thank you for all your hard work with the Florida Press Club. Too often, that sort of work goes unrecognized. I’ve coordinated some contests myself, and it’s a lot of work. In your case, it was a lot of extra […]

Florida Press Club frenzy!

Our workshop with Dr. Rick Wilber and the 60th annual Excellence in Journalism Competition Awards Banquet went great on the whole. But I am exhausted! Still, I wanted to share an excerpt of what the Managing Editor of The Daytona Beach News-Journal (the boss of my boss) wrote to everyone: Also, a special thanks to […]


Hello to all the Florida Press Club members coming here from The Bee, our lovely newsletter. (Go to floridapressclub.org to download it.) And, yes, the name has a meaning. Ask me at the banquet. The other officers and I have been very hard at work notifying finalists, promoting the workshop and banquet, coordinating with our […]

Excellence in Journalism Press Release

The Florida Press Club members are still working hard on the Florida Press Club workshop and banquet, so it’s been quieter than normal around here. However, the details of our Nov. 5 event are slowly coming together… — Mark your calendar for a weekend filled with the two best things about this profession: journalism that […]

Florida Press Club Contest Q&A

I sent some of this out to the wonderful, talented bunch who make up The Florida Press Club: 1. How do we enter the contest? The website address is https://omnicontests4.com/Default.aspx?comp_id=170. Register in the upper left corner. Please read the RULES and the HELP pages before clicking the ADD ENTRY button. Please fill out and click […]

2011 Excellence in Journalism Competition

Florida Press Club’s competition runs from July 15-August 15. Yes, you have a whole month to submit, so take your time and make everything is done correctly. That’s best for you — and for me (because I’m running it). 2011 Excellence in Journalism Competition If you have a question — say about paying by check […]

New page and an update

I added a page — sherrymims.com/social — to streamline my social media accounts. I have the Twitter and Localyte widgets on the far right, but they should be easier to find. Now they are! I am negotiating prices for an online platform for the 2011 Excellence in Journalism Contest. It’s coming soon, so organize your […]

Yellow light

Florida Press Club business, work and other things have kept me quite busy during the month of May. However, absolute unique visitors and page views have gone up. Hooray! Within the next day or two, I will give you a long post to satiate all you readers out there. I’m not exaggerating when I say […]

Staying busy

In the newspaper industry, it’s normal to work Christmas Eve, Christmas, any holidays, really, and weekends, so you learn to take advantage of time off when you are able. I worked Christmas Eve and Christmas, so my “holidays” were just random days. Random works, especially this hectic time of year. It’s been really nice to […]

Numb for NaNoWriMo

I hadn’t noticed that the National Novel Writing Month website now has a nifty tool to track your progress. While it’s fantastic, it also reminds me I have lots more to do. For instance, I need to write 2,475 words a day to reach the total 50,000-word goal. Uh huh. But onward! My Cambridge-based BFF […]