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Art of trolling — grammar

see more The Art of Trolling (H/T Bonnie)

Nerdy posts I write my readers

One night while designing 2A with “People & Places” in mind, I looked on the Entertainment wire — a system whereby we “pull” articles from the Associated Press — and read an article by Chicago Tribune reporter Mark Caro on actor Rob Lowe’s new book. Obviously, this reporter has been a copy editor, or rarer yet, a sympathizer: […]

Weird Al buys into good grammar!

“Weird Al” Yankovic not only hits the mark with his song parodies — I will forever love “Amish Paradise,” for example — but also knows his grammar. Remember the story of how my mom informed our town that she was very disappointed in the “Smile, Your on Radar” signs? Weird Al was also not amused […]

Grammar’s Dirty Little Secret

Bonnie, my longtime friend and honorary Florida Press Club member — you might remember her as my arm candy at the 2010 banquet — sends along this Wall Street Journal blog post, which pretty much tells grammar freaks to chill out. (You trying to tell me something, Bonnie?) Listen, we’re going to let you guys […]

AP Style: e-mail is now email

Let’s bow our heads to acknowledge the fact that e-mail is now email. I think it’s ridiculous because it means electronic mail, e-mail. However, English evolves, even if it’s ridiculous. (Guess we should have known that columnist was just testing to see whether there would be any reaction to email.) Still, I doubt I will […]

Typos in the news

Speaking of typos, an awful error befell a North Carolina school district: A road contractor hired to paint the word “school” on a freshly paved stretch of road near Southern Guilford High School in North Carolina rendered the traffic area in question a “shcool” zone. They’ve apparently fixed it now, but trust me, we “typo […]

Typo hunts and other things to do

Ha, between planning for the upcoming Florida Press Club banquet in October, motivating myself to finish a restaurant review and book review for the News-Journal, plus nabbing possible freelance work — relax HR, nothing against my contract — it’s easy to forget to update. Very easy because I thought I had linked to an interesting […]

Bad grammar, yo

Hilarious video I found while browsing YouTube: I can’t enjoy “The Way I Are” by Timbaland just because of the grammar. Hearing The Black Eyed Peas singing, “Imma Be,” (which always sounds like “I’m a bee,” to me) is another offender. I often wonder how many kids will think those are normal to say. In […]

Yes, why NOT join the Grammar Police?

Who says all ads are bad? I perused my boyfriend Amir’s aviation-related Web site (Pilot’s Cafe) and spotted this gem: It reminds me of my last night in London, where to my horror and my best friend Jessica’s, we spotted BAD ENGLISH. It was in a restricted area, but I braved it. I wouldn’t be […]

He needed killin’

We copy editors have a weird sense of humor. Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net (h/t cranky_editors.)