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Calling early this morning, I learned I was retained. I’m relieved to have a job, of course, but I am absolutely crushed that so many talented people had to go. It’s going to be hard. We reapply for our jobs tomorrow (note to self: bring two forms of ID). I’m hoping there are no more […]

Feed a journalist

Dark humor for dark times. My friend and former co-worker Jodie, who now works in Australia, sent this to me recently. I posted this on Facebook, but I thought it was appropriate for here, too.

Cronkite, authority and journalism today

As most everyone knows by now, Walter Cronkite, 92, died Friday. He was well before my time, but is a good example of the bygone days of journalism. I’d like to share an interesting Associated Press essay by Ted Anthony on Cronkite and how my profession has changed today–from an almost monolithic “authority” to fragmentation […]

Ludicrous layoffs

On the heels of the “classy” layoffs of three Baltimore Sun reporters and a photographer during a baseball game they were covering in Los Angeles, we have more of the same. (Correction: They were in Baltimore and perhaps trying to postpone the inevitable, but management still shouldn’t have given them the news over the phone […]