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So you want to be a journalist?

Rich, my good friend and former co-worker, posted this on Facebook, and it made me LOL:

Not-to-miss article in The Atlantic

Posting here will be a bit sporadic (as you no doubt have already noticed). My grandmother had a stroke and remains hospitalized, and it’s greatly shaken me. She and I are close. I also suspect my soda damage was more extensive than I thought. (Low power at 87 percent?) I’ll have to buy a new […]

Sleeping with the enemy, er, source

It was uncanny I came across this Gawker post about the “tradition” of reporters sleeping with their sources so soon after a conversation with a co-worker. I took the position that it’s a conflict of interest. (The following is not verbatim.) Female Co-worker 1: That Barbara Walters got around. I had no idea she slept […]

How did I know?

I opened one of Yahoo’s featured articles titled “Stressful jobs that pay badly” expecting not to see “journalist” on the list. (Everyone seems to think we get many more perks than we actually do.) Granted, it doesn’t say “journalist”–or “copy editor” for that matter–just “news reporter,” but I can tell you that we don’t get […]

Feed a journalist

Dark humor for dark times. My friend and former co-worker Jodie, who now works in Australia, sent this to me recently. I posted this on Facebook, but I thought it was appropriate for here, too.

Cronkite, authority and journalism today

As most everyone knows by now, Walter Cronkite, 92, died Friday. He was well before my time, but is a good example of the bygone days of journalism. I’d like to share an interesting Associated Press essay by Ted Anthony on Cronkite and how my profession has changed today–from an almost monolithic “authority” to fragmentation […]

Cà d’zan

Writing a journalism blog is difficult when you’re not exactly writing anything. Well, that isn’t quite accurate; I am working on that travel essay. And, sure, I copy edit and design for a newspaper, but it’s not as compelling as, say, escaping the Taliban. (Er…not that I would want to be captured by the Taliban. […]

Top 5 things I like about being a journalist

I inform people about people, places and/or events they should know about. I meet the most fascinating people doing interviews. I’ve interviewed artists, actors and people in far out fields, such as steamboat operators! My co-workers are all educated and well-read. You can read books, screen movies and try products for review purposes for free […]

Ludicrous layoffs

On the heels of the “classy” layoffs of three Baltimore Sun reporters and a photographer during a baseball game they were covering in Los Angeles, we have more of the same. (Correction: They were in Baltimore and perhaps trying to postpone the inevitable, but management still shouldn’t have given them the news over the phone […]

Kutcher wins Twitter war with CNN

When I first heard about Ashton Kutcher’s and CNN’s race to get a million followers on Twitter, I was amused. I was amused until I read what Ashton Kutcher said: “I found it astonishing that one person can actually have as big of a voice online as what an entire media company can on Twitter,” […]