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Who said print is dead?

I passed this fabulous man in Waikiki, Hawaii, and much to Amir’s embarrassment, had to get a picture with him. The street performer, who had been mobbed the first time we saw him, whispered, “Let’s do this before anyone else sees and comes over. There’s an art to it, you know.” An artiste! Well, an […]

Clever advertising…for newspapers?

I like this television advertisement for The Sun (U.K.), promoting a newspaper’s utility. It rather reminds me of an Apple Commercial. I wish it would play over here! Thoughts?

Not feeling the love

Though many of us love being a journalist, one thing we do not love is the unstable nature of the industry. In fact, top journalism honchos met last week in Chicago to discuss saving it. But can it be saved? It’s not looking good. My friend Rich had a good point: “I know you love […]