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Time Flu Away

While I recuperate from the flu and find my posting mojo, I’ll leave you with an “Off the Wall” picture of me in Mexico. (Keep in mind that my father is a history teacher, and I have wanted to see those ruins since seventh grade world history.) Tulum was a Maya city from around 1200 […]

Who said print is dead?

I passed this fabulous man in Waikiki, Hawaii, and much to Amir’s embarrassment, had to get a picture with him. The street performer, who had been mobbed the first time we saw him, whispered, “Let’s do this before anyone else sees and comes over. There’s an art to it, you know.” An artiste! Well, an […]

My favorite wilderness

From infancy to the time I worked (and thus had few vacation days), I have visited West Virginia. I still try to visit at Christmas. My mom’s from there, and my grandmother still lives there “in the house by the road,” not to be confused with our pre-Civil War “house on the mountain,” which is–as […]

Lighthouse moment

Either Amir or I took this picture when we took a cruise to the Bahamas for Florida Press Club business. (Believe it or not, it’s cheaper to meet on a cruise because everything is inclusive. It would cost much more to pay for food, lodging and transportation to a central city.) I do love a […]

Close to home

Today’s Off the Wall sampling is a place that will be very special to me soon. It’s the site of the rehearsal dinner at Harbor Lights Restaurant and Bar by Lake Panasoffkee in Sumter County.

Off the Wall

With the second installment of my Off the Wall series, I thought I’d show you something on a wall. During the Ireland/U.K. trip of ’08, my best friend Jessica and I took a Black Taxi tour through Belfast to hear about the Troubles, the strife between Catholics and Protestants that, sadly, continues. This particular picture […]

Cà d’zan

Writing a journalism blog is difficult when you’re not exactly writing anything. Well, that isn’t quite accurate; I am working on that travel essay. And, sure, I copy edit and design for a newspaper, but it’s not as compelling as, say, escaping the Taliban. (Er…not that I would want to be captured by the Taliban. […]