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Social butterfly effect

One of the reasons I wanted to be a journalist is to inform, so I love social media. I find it interactive, instantaneous and full of excitement. New social media sites are popping up at a quick rate, and they’re changing our daily lives just as fast. The best platforms allow you to share information […]


As I shared on Twitter in 140 characters or less: Joyous #Janufest! Since we copy deskers never get holidays off, we created a holiday (Sat.) where we party late & buy presents 4 ourselves! The time for wearing purple is here. Joyous #Janufest! (You don’t have to be a copy editor, just nocturnal.) #in http://twitpic.com/3s8vnp […]


So, I’ve been, er, unenthusiastic about Twitter in the past, but hey, it’s a new year. I’ve got to add to my social media toolkit. Trouble is, it’s so easy, I could easily see myself going #overboard… Presenting: *splash*

Fake AP Stylebook says

“The correct spelling of “vampire” is “Robert Pattinson” because he’s soooo dreamy.” Gotta love these spoofs. Check more out at Fake AP Stylebook.

Kutcher wins Twitter war with CNN

When I first heard about Ashton Kutcher’s and CNN’s race to get a million followers on Twitter, I was amused. I was amused until I read what Ashton Kutcher said: “I found it astonishing that one person can actually have as big of a voice online as what an entire media company can on Twitter,” […]