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Depressing news

Via Yahoo!: Along with Editor & Publisher [after 108 years], the [The Nielson]company is also shuttering the book review title Kirkus Reviews. The two publications have 18 employees combined.

How did I know?

I opened one of Yahoo’s featured articles titled “Stressful jobs that pay badly” expecting not to see “journalist” on the list. (Everyone seems to think we get many more perks than we actually do.) Granted, it doesn’t say “journalist”–or “copy editor” for that matter–just “news reporter,” but I can tell you that we don’t get […]

Kanye West: I am a proud non-reader of books.’

I didn’t intend to pick on a celebrity again, but someone needs to give these people a reality check. That’s especially true when Kanye West basically says being a non-reader helped him be a better author. Good on journalist Mark Egan for the almost snarky opening paragraph: Rapper Kanye West does not read books or […]